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Free VPS Hosting

Get guaranteed fast and secure trading with our free virtual private server. Benefit from uninterrupted internet coverage and safeguard against connectivity issues while trading.


What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It provides fast and secure trading environment, a constant and uninterrupted connection to the internet, safeguarding you from numerous issues which may arise during trading, such as power cuts and connectivity problems.


VPS servers are located in the same data center as the trading servers, pinging a trading server in 0.4 - 1.25 ms allows quotes arrive instantly and orders are sent to the server without delay.


VPS is connected at all times and is unaffected by common external factors like connection issues. Order execution is not affected regardless of the quality of your personal internet connection.

24-hour trading

Trade on the financial markets using Expert Advisors even when your own computer is turned off.

Mobility & portability

Access your account and trade on the financial markets from anywhere in the world without installing any software. VPS is available on any operating system.

VPS hardware specifications

Operating system

Windows Server 2012 64 bit

Disk space



1 core CPU


Strong and unique password

How to get VPS hosting

To apply, please send a request to or contact us via live chat. Your total deposit must be at least $500 (or the equivalent in another currency) and your free margin must remain above $100 for the duration of the request.

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Ready to get started?

Join 4xLimited  today to get a free VPS with no monthly fee

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